Maintaining your RATIONAL Combi


RATIONAL makes it easy to keep your combi maintained and operating for many years.  Staying on top of the maintenance is the best way to get more out of your unit.  Properly timed and regular maintenance can provide reduced down times and lower overall costs of ownership.

Maintenance requirements of a RATIONAL falls under several categories.  Daily, weekly, & annual / semi-annual. 

The frequency and intensity of the maintenance depends on how the RATIONAL is used.  In general, maintenance need is dependent on cooking times, cooking temperatures, grease content of cooked product and installation environment.

The displayed graph illustrates how cooking times and cooking temperatures contributes to frequency and intensity needs of maintenance.


Efficient CareControl screen

Complete cleanings may reset most or all Cleanliness status bars to green.
⇒ light
⇒ save
⇒ medium
⇒ strong

Convenience cleans may not reset all Cleanliness bars as these are intended to be used in between complete cleanings if needed.
⇒ rinse without tabs
⇒ rinse
⇒ interim cleaning


Trend Arrow in Red

Daily Cleaning:  Efficient CareControl

Efficient CareControl recognizes when CleanJet® +care needs to be carried out by taking into consideration cooking times and temperatures.  We recommend cleaning the RATIONAL minimum daily at end of working day using one of the complete cleaning programs.

Maintenance Status
Changes from green to red bars with a combination of a) scale accumulation in the steam generator, b) skipped cleaning prompts (pressing later) and c) hours of use since last cleaning.  One or combination of these factors can contribute the status bars moving to red.

Cleanliness Status
Changes from green to red bars as the unit is used.  The red bars can be reached in a shorter period of time when cooking at higher temperatures (e.g.grilling).  Units used at lower temperatures (e.g steam) will progress through the bars at a slower pace.  This status advises when it is time to clean the unit.

Resetting of the bars
The Cleanliness bars are reset following completion of one of the recommended cleanings indicated by the RATIONAL rotary symbol in the top left corner of cleaning program icon.  Using any other program may only reset a few bars or none at all.
The Maintenance status bars are reset over time as more frequent cleanings are completed.  If the bars have reached red, it may take more “Strong” cleans to bring down a few bars.  This is not an indication of a malfunction but instead requirement for more frequent cleanings according to how unit is used.  If the Maintenance status bars move suddenly (within a day) from green to red, give us a call as it could indicate a malfunction of an internal component or interruption of water supply.

Indicator arrow below Maintenance Bar
This is an indicator of recent cleaning trend. 
A green arrow indicates cleaning has been done as needed or recently improved.
A red arrow indicates cleaning prompts have been ignored or not using the cleaning program indicated by a RATIONAL rotary symbol as needed.

Use only RATIONAL cleaners.  The cleaners have been specifically formulated to be used with the automatic cleaning to not only clean the cooking cabinet but also prevent build-up of scale in the steam generator.  Use of other products can cause damage to components or blockage of the cleaning system.

Additional daily / Weekly cleaning

Door gasket daily cleaning can extend the life of the door gasket.  Use a non-abrasive cloth with mild detergent to wipe the door gasket daily or  during the working day as needed.

Door drip trays should have solid objects removed and wiped clean to prevent clogging.  The RATIONAL maintenance cleaning brush (60.75.779) can also be used to clear out solid grease from the drain tube leading to the drain.

Areas outside of door gasket
Since CleanJet can not get to areas outside of the door gasket, these areas also need to be wiped down.  Use a soft cloth and mild detergent daily to clean around doors, frames, front panel, etc..

Wash Air filter
Air filter can be washed in a sink.  Spray warm water in the reverse flow of air filter to remove dust and avoid lodging dirt further.  It is not recommended to wash air filter in high temp dishwashers as this can damage the glue holding the air filter.





RATIONAL Maintenance Cleaning brush

Never spray cold water into a hot cabinet or door glass.
Do not use abrasive scrubbers
Do not use aggressive chemicals



Annual or Semi-Annual Planned Maintenance

Our annual or semi-annual planned maintenance program compliments the daily and weekly maintenance.  The frequency of maintenance depends on how the unit is used.  In some higher volume kitchens, 3 visits per year may be necessary.

Most of our customers select a Standard PM Program with 2 visits per year.  This allows our technician to inspect the unit and recommend only the repairs which are needed.

If you wish, we can provide any of the RATIONAL Service Maintenance Packages described below.








Complete inspection of unit.

If needed, estimate to follow to replace any needed additional repairs to bring your unit back to new.


Complete inspection of unit.

Preventive exchange of some wear parts.  Estimate to follow for any needed additional repairs to bring your unit back to new.


Complete inspection of unit.

Preventive exchange of all wear parts.  Estimate to follow for additional repairs to bring your unit back to new.

Plus+ Gas Option

Complete inspection of unit.

Includes PLUS and gas components.  Estimate to follow for additional repairs to bring your unit back to new.