RATIONAL Serial Number

The serial number of your RATIONAL Combi Oven is unique to your unit and provides a lot of information.  When requesting service, providing this number is the most efficient.

Using the serial number, we are able to determine model and features of your equipment.  Your serial number can be found on the left hand side of the unit on a silver serial sticker.  If this has been wiped off, in most cases, the serial number can be found by navigating through the settings of your unit.  We can assist you over the phone to help find the serial number.

Note: Protecting the serial plate is important as it contains the certification of your equipment.  Due to certification rules, it can not be replaced.

We do keep your serial number on file if we have serviced your unit before.  If you have more than one RATIONAL at your facility, we might still need your serial number.

On models since 2016, the serial number is also displayed when a service error is displayed.  Taking a picture of this display allows you to send us the picture and provide most of the information needed about the issue.

Reading the serial number

Since May of 1997, RATIONAL has used a consistent serial number format.  It enables us to identify model, date of manufacture and features of your unit.  Combined with the symptoms of your issue, in many cases, we can already begin diagnosing your issue before arriving at your location and make sure we have relevant potential needed parts.  This increases the chance of a first time fix and return your unit to operation quicker.

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Sample Serial plate

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